Best Sanskrit Language Films - There is only Six Films and One upcoming

Best Sanskrit Language Films - There is only Six Films and One upcoming
Sanskrit is one of oldest language of India. And this is known as God Language. In India, Filmmaking is in a lot of language and speaking language. But when Come on Film in Sanskrit Language then there is nothing. There are only 6 Sanskrit films made so far.

1. Adi Shankaracharya (1983)
1. Adi Shankaracharya (1983)
The film depicts the life and times of 8th century Hindu philosopher, Adi Shankara. First Sanskrit feature film in the world. Won 4 national awards, including Best Feature film.

2. Bhagavad Gita (1993)
2. Bhagavad Gita (1993)
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The film is based on Hindu religious book Bhagavad Gita. Directed by Same director as of first on list G. V. Iyer. This is won Best Film national award.

3. Priyamanasam (2015) 
3. Priyamanasam (2015)
The film received national award for 'Best Sanskrit Feature film'.
The movie tells the life story of an eminent poet lived in 18th century, who paved a path for the revival of the Dance Drama- Kathakali.

4. Ishti: (English: Search for the Self) (2016)
4. Ishti: (English: Search for the Self) (2016)
The film has a feminist angle.

5. Suryakantha (2017)
Suryakantha (2017)
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Suryakantha tells the story of an ageing couple living out their last days.
First contemporary Sanskrit film, means set in present time.

6. Anurakthi 3D (2017)
Anurakthi 3D (2017)
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This is the first Sanskrit film to have a song.The song was shot in 3D, making the film the first 3D Sanskrit film.
The film revolves around a Punjabi danseuse who arrives in Kerala to learn the ancient dance form Koodiyattam from a master. The master’s son falls in love with the danseuse, and later mistakes the relationship between his father and the student.

7. Punyakoti (2018) 
Punyakoti (2018)
Punyakoti is an upcoming Sanskrit language Indian animation film.
Punyakoti is based on a famous folksong in Karnataka about a cow that speaks the truth at all times.

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