100 Best Chinese Erotic Movies

List of Chinese Erotic Movies. Pardon me if few hongkong movies are also included in list. There is Erotic Drama, Erotic sex comedy and so.

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Lust, Caution (2007) /41

Love Education (2006)

The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks (2008)

The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks 2 (2009)

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (2011)

Loosely based on a 17th century erotic Chinese story named The Carnal Prayer Mat, the story follows a young scholar named Yangsheng who gets married to the beautiful daughter of a local merchant. When their sex life proves unsatisfactory, Yangsheng leaves home and journeys to the Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss.

Naked Ambition 2 (2014)

The Woman Who Keeps a Murderer (2018)

The Lady Improper (2019)

Cash on Delivery (1992)

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