Top 100 Classics of the Adult Cinema Movies of 1990s

Adult films of 1990s. 1990s pornographic films.

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Vietnamese Lady 1992

Tokyo Decadence 1992

Total Corruption 1993

Trilogy of Lust (1995)

La Cousine (1995)

Beauties in Paradise (1993)

The Secret Title (1992)

Desire (1991)

Cock City Corral (1991)

A movie with good acting, an interesting plot, nice sex scenes, and (very unusually) only two sexually active performers: Randy Spears and Hyapatia Lee.

Wild Goose Chase (1991)

Hidden Obsessions (1992)

Two Women (1992)

 The final swan song of Alex deRenzy, who it seems has since decided that with the budgets available these days he can't shoot a story oriented movie anymore, so he only cranks out wall-to-wall sex movies under his Rex Borsky pseudonym. This was one of his last two story based movies, and it's a very good movie

Nothing to Hide II: Justine (1993)

 An acclaimed movie that clearly tries to emulate the Golden Age classics with it's high production values, actual character development and substantial plot

New Wave Hookers 4 (1995)

Tarzan-X: Shame of Jane (1994)

When Jane discovers the Ape man, she sets the course for an erotic adventure that will take the couple from the jungle, back to civilization

Sodomania 8: The London Sessions (1994) 


Le Parfum De Mathilde (1995)

Aka The Scent of Mathilde 1995

La Cousine (1995)

Betty Blue (1995)

Borderline (1995)

Constance (1998)

Constance, a young woman, arrives at the mansion of the experienced Lola, where she is initiated into the mysteries of sexuality.

Tumbling Doll of Flesh 1998

Idioterne (1998)

Cacciatori di Taglie (1999)

Pink Prison (1999)

Stavros (1999)


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