Top 20 Tinto Brass's Classic Erotic Movies

Tinto Brass is Italian filmmaker know for his erotic films. Let's see these unique erotic films.

In Brief

  1. Sogno – Corti Circuiti Erotici 1999
  2. Monella / Frivolous Lola 1998
  3. The Voyeur / L’Uomo Che Guarda 1994
  4. Trasgredire / Cheeky / Cheere! / Transgressions / Tra(sgre)dire 2000
  5. Fallo! / Do It! / Private 2003

In Detail

The Voyeur / L’Uomo Che Guarda 1994
A film about father and son – teachers of literature at the university. The son feels that his wife has a lover. He tries to get her back. And what is his surprise when it turns out that his wife’s beloved is his own father …

Sogno – Corti Circuiti Erotici
A beautiful girl falls asleep on the beach, where she has erotic dreams about spicy meetings with different men … And gradually dreams are mixed with reality

Monella / Frivolous Lola 1998
The story takes place in northern Italy in the 1950’s. Lola and Masetto is about to get married. Masetto wants to keep Lola as a virgin until they are married. But Lola is impatient to remain in chastity until the wedding night. She wants to be sure that Masetto is a good lover, before she commits herself into marriage. She does everything to trick Masetto into breaking the moral tradition.

1. MONAMOUR, 2005

2. PRIVATE, 2003

Love and jealousy, betrayal and lies – everything that connects a man and a woman – all this is told with humor and funny irony by the famous director Tinto Brass!

3. BLACK ANGEL, 2002

4. CHEEKY!, 2000



7. THE VOYEUR, 1994


9. PAPRIKA, 1991


11. LOVE & PASSION, 1987

12. MIRANDA, 1985

13. THE KEY, 1983

14. ACTION, 1980

15. CALIGULA, 1979

16. SALON KITTY, 1976

Sogno – Corti Circuiti Erotici

Trasgredire / Cheeky / Cheere! / Transgressions / Tra(sgre)dire
Paola is a lovely twenty-year-old girl, cheerful, energetic and, of course, very sexy. Paola came to London from sunny Venice to take a full immersion English course. While looking for housing, she meets the owner of a real estate agency, who, together with her husband, makes unambiguous attempts to translate a purely business relationship into an overtly sexual one. They offer Paola their "training program". The temptation turns out to be so great that Paola will have to break many of the prohibitions of her fiancé, who remained in Italy!
Bringing the film "Breaking the Prohibitions" to the festival in Moscow, director Tinto Brass willingly confessed with the press: “I am not in the habit of the concept of belittled eroticism, because it’s like saying something like being careful with eroticism and prohibitions. For me, eroticism is a synonym the joys of life, pleasure, flesh, play and freedom. I am not attracted to films with violence, especially with the rape of women. Although this is more characteristic of the male approach. My main character is a woman. She is an object of desire, she plays the game, breaks laws and betrays – this is especially true for Julia.
A person can make a movie for himself, but it is like masturbating. It’s still better to make love together. It’s good when there are a lot of people in the audience – it’s not like masturbation.
I am Venetian by birth. Grew up among beautiful cathedrals and galleries. Here I drew inspiration, which could not but have an impact on my cinema. The erotic films I create start out by denying many conventions. In my first erotic film "The Key", a husband, kissing his wife’s ass, whispers: "Baudelaire, Tintoretto, Veronese … Where are you all? You have never given me so much desire that so excites my cock." Eroticism does not depend on nationality. Russian women are like Italians and English women. But female eroticism is very different from male eroticism. There is a different perception of eroticism and a different imagination. I am consumed with female eroticism. This is magma that lays in a volcano for a long time and explodes at one point. At such a moment, you experience great joy. Women’s erotica is much more exciting than men’s "".
The director found his blonde heroine Yulia Mayarchuk in a Naples pizzeria, where the former Odessa woman had already worked as a waitress for three years. And as always happens with Tinto Brass, he liked Yulina’s ass. The girl was, according to Brass, not even in a mini-skirt, but in a micro-skirt. She leaned over and the director saw a very interesting panorama, was inspired and transferred it to the screen.