Best New French Extremity Movies

Best New French Extremity Movies.

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Irreversible (2002) /130k

Martyrs (2008) /91k

Caché (Hidden) (2005) /79k

Enter the Void (2009) /78k

Funny Games (1997) /72k

High Tension (2003) /71k

Inside (2007) /40k

Them (2006) /30k

Frontier(s) (2007) /27k

Baise-moi (2000) /18k

Intimacy (2001) /12k

Trouble Every Day (2001) /8k

Ma mère (2004) /7k

Anatomy of Hell (2004) /6k

Secret Things (2002) /5k

Pola X (1999) /5k

Humanity (1999) /5k

In My Skin (2002) /5k

Criminal Lovers (1999) 2.4k

The Pornographer (2001) /2.5k

Sombre (1998) /2k

La vie nouvelle (2002)

Glowing Eyes (2002)

Don't Look Back (2009)


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