List of Hindi Dubbed Japanese TV Series (Hindi Dubbed in June 2022)

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List of Hindi Dubbed Japanese TV Series. Japanese Drama in Hindi. japanese drama in hindi dubbed list.


Sumo Girl (2010)

Not recommend.

Doctor-X (2012)

Season 1 ( has 8 episode), Season 2 (has 9 episode). Doctor-X is a Japanese medical drama

Wine, Dine and Woo Me  (2015)

Not Recommend. Season 1 and 2.

Kakafukaka (2019)

Not recommend.

Coffee & Vanilla (2019)

Not Recommend. One Season (has 10 episodes)

In House Marriage Honey (2020)

Not recommend.

On Nights When I Want To End It All (2020)

Again not recommend.

Fishbowl Wives (2022)