List of Hindi Dubbed Action - Fantasy Chinese Movies

Xianxia fantasy films. Chinese fantasy films.
Action/Fantasy Chinese Film.

Most recently released Film at bottom of list

King Serpent Island (2021)

King Serpent Island is a 2021 Chinese Action/Thriller Film

Magic Man (2022)

Seven Swords 2022

The Monkey King (2014)

Mermaid (2016)

Legend of the Demon Cat (2017)

Journey To The West The Demons Strike 2017

Legend of the Naga Pearls 2017

Legend of The Ancient Sword 2018

White Haired Devil Lady 2020

The Enchanting Phantom (2020)

Double World (2020)

Chief of Thieves: Chu Liu Xiang (2021)

Fox Legend (2019)

The Legend of Loulan: Ghost Army (2021)

The Demon Suppressors: West Barbarian Beast (2021)

Detective Dee : Deep Sea Dragon Palace (2020)

Detective Dee: Rats Invasion (2020)

Giant Python (2021)

Longmen Town Inn 2021