Top 20 Best Hindi Dubbed Chinese Drama TV Series

Best chinese drama in hindi dubbed list. Top 100 Chinese Dramas in Hindi. Based on '' ranking

The Untamed (2019) #1

Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) #2

The Long Ballad (2021) #3

Word of Honor (2021 ) #4

Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2019) #5

Reunion: The Sound of Providence (2020) #6

Love O2O (2016) #7

My Girlfriend is an Alien (2019) #8

Intense Love (2020) #9

Love Better Than Immortality (2019)

Action & Adventure, Comedy
A woman from the future arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time. She goes by the name Chun Hua and falls into a complicated romance with two young men who are opposites like black and white.

Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty (2019)

The Love by Hypnotic (2019)

A princess and a prince who can't see eye to eye find themselves stuck in an arranged marriage. Yet they start opening up to each other because of hypnosis

The Sleepless Princess (2020)

Love of Thousand Years (2020)