Best Modern Classic Italian Erotic Drama Movies

List of Best Modern Italian Erotica Drama Movies; 2000 to 2019. 

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Malena (2000)

Aka Malèna
She was too young to be a widow, and too beautiful to be alone. Every man wanted to have her. One boy risked everything to protect her.

Cheeky! (2000)

aka Tra(sgre)dire.
While scouting out apartments in London for her Venetian boyfriend, Carla rents an apartment that overlooks the Thames. There she meet the lesbian hyper-horny real estate agent Moira.

Black Angel (2002)

Aka Senso 45.

Private (2003)

Aka Fallo!
FALLO! is a collection of six stories based on the joys of sexuality and the eroticism of a new generation of women.

How Much Do You Love Me 2005

Signora (2004) - Madame

Monamour (2006)

Discover the most hidden secrets in Marta's diary.
An attractive, yet neglected housewife will have a scandalous affair behind her husband's back at Mantua's renowned literary festival.

Call Me by Your Name 2017