Robotrix (1991) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"Robotrix" is a Hong Kong science fiction action film released in 1991. The film is directed by Jamie Luk Kim-Ming and is known for its blend of science fiction, action, and erotic elements.

The story revolves around a female police officer who is killed in the line of duty. Her brain is preserved and implanted into a robot, creating a powerful and attractive android with enhanced abilities. The android, now known as Robotrix, joins forces with the police to combat a group of criminals.

"Robotrix" falls into the category of Category III films in Hong Kong cinema, which means it is intended for mature audiences due to its explicit content and themes. The film is known for its action sequences, special effects, and the inclusion of erotic elements.

If you are a fan of Hong Kong action cinema with a mix of science fiction and eroticism, "Robotrix" might be of interest. However, due to the mature content, viewer discretion is strongly advised.