Fly Away Home (1996) is Available in Hindi Dubbed


Fly Away Home is a family drama film released in 1996. The film was directed by Carroll Ballard and is inspired by the real-life experiences of Bill Lishman, a Canadian artist and inventor. The screenplay was written by Robert Rodat and Vince McKewin.

The story follows a young girl named Amy Alden (played by Anna Paquin), who moves to Canada to live with her estranged father, Thomas Alden (played by Jeff Daniels), after the death of her mother in a car accident. Amy discovers a nest of goose eggs abandoned by developers who disturbed the natural habitat. With the help of her father, she decides to take on the responsibility of caring for the eggs and raising the goslings after they hatch.

As the geese imprint on Amy, they see her as their mother, and she becomes determined to lead them on a journey south for the winter. Thomas supports his daughter's mission, and together, they use an ultralight aircraft to guide the geese on their migration, facing various challenges along the way.

Fly Away Home received positive reviews for its heartwarming story, strong performances, and the beautiful cinematography showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of Canada. The film is known for its portrayal of the unique bond between humans and animals and the theme of environmental conservation.