The Wrath of Becky (2023) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 The Wrath of Becky (2023) is an American action thriller film sequel to the 2020 film Becky

In The Wrath of Becky (2023), two years after her harrowing escape from a violent attack, Becky finds peace and solace under the care of Elena, a kind-hearted woman. However, their tranquility is shattered when a group of extremists, known as the Noble Men, invades their home, leaving Elena critically wounded and kidnapping Becky's beloved dog, Diego. Fueled by vengeance and determination, Becky embarks on a perilous quest to rescue her canine companion and bring justice to those who wronged her. Along the way, she forms an unlikely alliance with a mysterious stranger, portrayed by Seann William Scott, who aids her in her mission of vengeance. The film culminates in a thrilling climax, where Becky confronts the Noble Men in a heart-pounding showdown, unleashing her survival skills and unwavering spirit to protect those she holds dear.