Carry On Doctor (1967) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Carry On Doctor" is another installment in the British comedy film series "Carry On." It was released in 1967 and directed by Gerald Thomas, with Peter Rogers serving as the producer. Like other films in the series, "Carry On Doctor" features a comedic ensemble cast.

The plot of "Carry On Doctor" is set in a hospital, providing a humorous look at the medical profession. The film follows the antics of the staff and patients at the fictional St. Swithin's Hospital. The cast includes familiar "Carry On" regulars such as Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Barbara Windsor, and Charles Hawtrey.

As with other films in the series, "Carry On Doctor" relies on innuendo, slapstick humor, and a collection of memorable characters. The "Carry On" films were known for their formulaic approach, with each installment exploring a different setting or theme while maintaining a consistent style of comedy.

"Carry On Doctor" is often regarded as one of the more successful and popular entries in the "Carry On" series. It was well-received by audiences and remains a favorite among fans of British comedy. The film's success contributed to the longevity of the "Carry On" franchise, which produced a total of 31 films from 1958 to 1992.