Dead Ringers (1988) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Dead Ringers" is a 1988 psychological thriller film directed by David Cronenberg. The movie stars Jeremy Irons in a dual role as identical twin gynecologists Beverly and Elliot Mantle. The screenplay, written by David Cronenberg and Norman Snider, is based on the novel "Twins" by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland.

The story revolves around the Mantle twins, who operate a successful gynecology clinic. As their lives become increasingly entangled with complex relationships and drug addiction, the film explores themes of identity, obsession, and psychological disintegration.

"Dead Ringers" is known for its atmospheric tension, psychological depth, and Jeremy Irons' compelling dual performance. The film received critical acclaim for its disturbing and thought-provoking narrative, as well as Cronenberg's skillful direction.

The themes and content of "Dead Ringers" are mature and intense, delving into psychological horror and body horror elements characteristic of David Cronenberg's work. If you are interested in psychological thrillers that explore the complexities of identity and relationships, "Dead Ringers" is a notable and thought-provoking film.