Desperado (1995) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Desperado" is a 1995 American action film directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is the second installment in Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy, following the success of his 1992 film "El Mariachi." The film stars Antonio Banderas as the main character, known as El Mariachi, and Salma Hayek as Carolina.

The plot of "Desperado" continues the story of the musician-turned-guitar-case-carrying vigilante known as El Mariachi. In this film, El Mariachi seeks revenge on the drug lord responsible for the death of his lover. Along the way, he encounters various colorful characters, engages in intense gunfights, and becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld.

The film is known for its stylish and action-packed sequences, as well as Rodriguez's signature visual flair. "Desperado" also features a notable performance by Antonio Banderas, who became closely associated with the role of El Mariachi. The film received positive reviews for its energetic action, memorable characters, and Rodriguez's directorial style.

"Desperado" was followed by a third film in the trilogy, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," released in 2003. The trilogy as a whole is recognized for its influence on the action genre and its unique blend of Mexican culture with the conventions of a Western and action film.