House (1985) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "House" is a horror-comedy film released in 1986, directed by Steve Miner. The movie is known for blending horror elements with humor and features a mix of supernatural and comedic moments.

The film's plot follows Roger Cobb, played by William Katt, a horror novelist struggling with a recent divorce and the disappearance of his son. To confront his personal demons and find inspiration for his writing, Cobb decides to move into the house he inherited from his late aunt. However, the house is not an ordinary one; it's filled with bizarre and supernatural occurrences.

As Cobb explores the strange happenings in the house, he encounters various supernatural creatures and bizarre phenomena. The film combines horror with a quirky sense of humor, creating an offbeat and entertaining experience. George Wendt, known for his role in the television series "Cheers," co-stars as the neighbor who befriends Cobb and provides comic relief.

"House" developed a cult following over the years and spawned several sequels. While it may not be considered a classic in the horror genre, it is remembered for its unique blend of horror and comedy and has found a place in the hearts of fans who appreciate its eccentricity.