The Method (2015) Season 1 is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"The Method" (Russian: "Метод") is a gripping Russian crime drama TV series that debuted in 2015. The narrative revolves around Rodion Meglin, a brilliant investigator portrayed by Konstantin Khabensky.

 Meglin employs unconventional and psychological methods to unravel complex criminal cases, injecting a unique blend of suspense and philosophy into the storyline. The series delves into the intricate workings of Meglin's mind as he tackles crime using his distinct approach. With its engaging plot and Khabensky's compelling performance, "The Method" captivates viewers with a fresh perspective on crime-solving in the realm of Russian television.

 After graduation our main character Yesenia dreams about work- ing with Rodion Meglin. He is a mysterious, secretive man, a lone investigator with little known about his methods. When Yesenia turns into his trainee she begins to realize that the essence of his method is that Meglin himself – that of a maniac. He feels them instinctively. He is allowed to eliminate some of them, look after others and save their lives. Our heroine who was never meant to work alone will go alone, facing the most horrible crimes of the last decade.