Police Story (1985) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Police Story" is a Hong Kong action film directed by and starring Jackie Chan. It was released in 1985 and is considered one of the iconic films in Chan's career. The movie is known for its intense and innovative action sequences, as well as its successful blend of martial arts and comedy.

Jackie Chan plays Chan Ka-Kui, a police detective tasked with protecting a key witness in a drug case. As he goes about his duties, Chan finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of crime and corruption. The film is particularly renowned for its elaborate and realistic stunt work, with Chan performing many of his own stunts, including a famous sequence involving a runaway bus.

"Police Story" was a critical and commercial success, earning Jackie Chan the Best Actor Award at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards. The film's success led to several sequels, each featuring Chan's signature mix of humor, acrobatics, and impressive stunt work. The franchise has become a hallmark of Hong Kong action cinema.

The impact of "Police Story" extends beyond its initial release, and it remains a classic in the action genre, celebrated for its groundbreaking stunt work and Jackie Chan's charismatic performance.