Puncture (2011) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Puncture" is a 2011 legal drama film directed by Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen. The film is based on a true story and follows the struggles of Mike Weiss, played by Chris Evans, a talented but troubled attorney, and his partner Paul Danziger, played by Mark Kassen. The two lawyers take on a case involving a nurse who contracts HIV after accidentally using a contaminated needle.

The film explores not only the legal battle but also the personal and professional challenges faced by Mike Weiss, who grapples with drug addiction while trying to bring the case to justice. Vinessa Shaw, Michael Biehn, and Brett Cullen are also featured in the cast.

"Puncture" received positive reviews for its compelling story and Chris Evans' performance. The film sheds light on issues related to healthcare and the medical industry, particularly the use of safety needles in hospitals. The real-life story behind the film involves a legal battle against the healthcare industry to promote the use of safer medical needles to prevent accidental needlestick injuries among healthcare workers.