Scary Movie 4 (2006) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Scary Movie 4" is a 2006 American comedy film and the fourth installment in the "Scary Movie" film series. Directed by David Zucker, the film continues the franchise's tradition of parodying popular movies, including horror, science fiction, and disaster films.

"Scary Movie 4" satirizes a wide range of films such as "War of the Worlds," "The Grudge," "Saw," and "Brokeback Mountain," among others. The film weaves these parodies into a comedic storyline that follows characters navigating various bizarre and humorous situations.

The ensemble cast includes actors such as Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, and Leslie Nielsen. As with the earlier films in the series, "Scary Movie 4" features slapstick humor, visual gags, and a plethora of pop culture references.

If you enjoyed the comedic style of the previous "Scary Movie" films and appreciate parodies of popular movies, "Scary Movie 4" might offer laughs and entertainment. It's important to note that the humor in these films is often irreverent and can be crude, and viewer discretion is advised.