Species: The Awakening (2007) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"Species: The Awakening" is a 2007 science fiction horror film and the fourth installment in the "Species" film series. Directed by Nick Lyon, the movie features a cast that includes Helena Mattsson, Ben Cross, Marco Bacuzzi, and Dominic Keating.

The storyline of "Species: The Awakening" introduces Miranda Hollander, portrayed by Helena Mattsson, who discovers that she is a genetically engineered alien-human hybrid. As Miranda comes to terms with her identity and abilities, she becomes a target for those who want to exploit her unique genetics. The film delves into themes of identity, the consequences of genetic manipulation, and the struggle for survival.

"Species: The Awakening" was released directly to DVD and received generally negative reviews from critics. It didn't have the same level of cultural impact as the earlier films in the franchise and is considered a departure from the theatrical releases. While the "Species" series as a whole explores themes of science fiction and horror related to genetic experimentation and extraterrestrial hybridization, the later entries in the franchise did not achieve the same success as the original film.