The Church (1989) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Church" is a 1989 Italian horror film directed by Michele Soavi. It is also known as "La Chiesa" in Italian. The film is part of the Italian horror genre and is considered the second entry in the "The Demons Series" produced by Dario Argento.

The story revolves around a large cathedral that is built on the site of a mass grave for accused witches. When the church's librarian accidentally removes a stone from the basement, it unleashes supernatural forces that lead to a series of horrific events. As chaos ensues, a group of people within the church must confront malevolent entities and battle for their lives.

"The Church" is known for its atmospheric horror, surreal imagery, and supernatural themes. The film is associated with the style of Italian horror cinema, which often includes elements of Gothic horror, religious symbolism, and graphic violence.

As with many films in the Italian horror genre, "The Church" has developed a cult following among fans of horror cinema. It is praised for its visual style and eerie atmosphere, capturing the essence of supernatural horror prevalent in Italian horror films of that era.