The Dallas Connection (1994) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Dallas Connection" is a low-budget action film released in 1994. It is part of the "Triple B" series of films, which includes "Day of the Warrior" (1996) and "Fit to Kill" (1993). The films are known for their B-movie style, combining elements of action, thriller, and exploitation genres.

"The Dallas Connection" features a plot involving a team of female agents who are tasked with stopping a villainous plot. The movie includes typical elements of the action genre, such as gunfights, martial arts sequences, and espionage. The film was directed by Christian Drew Sidaris and produced by Andy Sidaris, who was known for creating a series of action films often referred to as the "Bullets, Bombs, and Babes" or "Triple B" series.

These films are generally recognized for their low production values, cheesy dialogue, and over-the-top action scenes. While they may not have achieved mainstream success, they have gained a cult following among fans of B-movies and those who appreciate the unique charm of low-budget action films from the 1990s.