The Emerald Forest (1985) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Emerald Forest" is a 1985 British adventure drama film directed by John Boorman. The movie is based on a true story and inspired by the book "The Emerald Forest" by Robert Holdstock. It combines elements of adventure, drama, and environmental themes.

The story revolves around an American engineer, Bill Markham (played by Powers Boothe), who works on a dam construction project in the Brazilian rainforest. During a visit with his family to the construction site, his son, Tommy, is abducted by an indigenous tribe called the Invisible People. Tommy grows up among the tribe, and years later, Bill embarks on a quest to find his son and reunite with him.

"The Emerald Forest" explores the clash between Western industrialization and the traditional ways of the indigenous people. The film delves into themes of cultural differences, environmentalism, and the impact of modernization on indigenous communities.

The movie received positive reviews for its visually stunning cinematography, the portrayal of the Amazon rainforest, and its exploration of cultural and environmental issues. It's often considered one of John Boorman's notable works.

If you enjoy adventure films with a strong environmental and cultural focus, "The Emerald Forest" might be worth watching.