Train to Busan (2016) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Train to Busan" is a South Korean zombie apocalypse thriller film directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The movie was released in 2016 and gained international acclaim for its intense and gripping storytelling.

The film follows the story of Seok-woo, a fund manager, and his young daughter Su-an. They board a KTX train from Seoul to Busan, but as the train departs, a zombie apocalypse breaks out in South Korea. Passengers on the train must fight for their survival as the infection spreads rapidly, turning people into violent zombies. The film explores themes of family, sacrifice, and survival against overwhelming odds.

"Train to Busan" received praise for its suspenseful plot, well-developed characters, and intense action sequences. The film's success led to the creation of an animated prequel, "Seoul Station," and there have been discussions about an American remake. It is often regarded as one of the standout films in the zombie genre and has a significant following among fans of horror and thriller movies.