Friend of the Family (1995) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Friend of the Family" is a 1995 erotic thriller film directed by Edward Holzman. The movie falls within the erotic thriller genre, known for its combination of suspenseful and sensual elements.

The story revolves around a seemingly perfect family whose lives are disrupted when a mysterious and seductive woman named Alex (played by Shauna O'Brien) enters their lives. As Alex becomes increasingly involved with the family, her true intentions and the secrets of her past begin to unravel, leading to a series of dangerous and suspenseful events.

"Friend of the Family" is characterized by its exploration of themes such as seduction, betrayal, and the consequences of desire. The film includes explicit scenes typical of the erotic thriller genre, making it suitable for adult audiences.

As with many films in this genre, viewer discretion is advised due to mature content. If you enjoy erotic thrillers with elements of suspense and sensuality, "Friend of the Family" might be of interest.