Last Gasp (1995) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Last Gasp" is a 1995 horror thriller film directed by Scott McGinnis. The movie features Robert Patrick in the lead role, alongside Joanna PacuƂa, Vyto Ruginis, and Mimi Craven.

The story follows a Los Angeles environmental scientist, played by Robert Patrick, who investigates a toxic waste site in the desert. During his investigation, he encounters a mysterious and deadly force that seems to be connected to the toxic waste. As he delves deeper, he uncovers a dark secret and faces escalating danger.

"Last Gasp" combines elements of environmental horror, thriller, and supernatural suspense. The film explores themes related to pollution, ecological consequences, and the potential horrors unleashed by human actions. While not widely known, "Last Gasp" has found its place among fans of horror and suspense films from the 1990s.