Repli-Kate (2002) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Repli-Kate" is a 2002 science fiction comedy film directed by Frank Longo. The movie follows the story of a scientist who creates a clone of the perfect woman as part of a research project, and the comedic chaos that ensues.

The main cast includes Ali Landry, James Roday Rodriguez, and Eugene Levy. The character of Kate, played by Ali Landry, is a stunning and idealized representation of a woman. However, things take a turn when the clone escapes from the laboratory and interacts with the real world.

"Repli-Kate" is known for its blend of science fiction and comedy, exploring themes of cloning and human relationships in a humorous context. The film received limited theatrical release and mixed reviews. It falls into the category of light-hearted, often satirical comedies with a science fiction twist.