Sleepwalkers (1992) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Sleepwalkers" is a 1992 horror film directed by Mick Garris. The movie is notable for being the first screenplay written by Stephen King exclusively for the screen (not based on any of his existing works).

The story revolves around a mother and son, Mary and Charles Brady, who are not what they seem. They are a unique and ancient species called "Sleepwalkers," shape-shifting werecat creatures who feed on the life force of young virgins. When they move to a new town, they target a teenage girl named Tanya Robertson. As the Sleepwalkers attempt to carry out their sinister plans, they encounter unexpected resistance.

"Sleepwalkers" combines elements of horror, fantasy, and supernatural thriller. The film features Alice Krige as Mary Brady, Brian Krause as Charles Brady, and M├Ądchen Amick as Tanya Robertson. While the film received mixed reviews, it has gained a cult following over the years.

As with many Stephen King adaptations, "Sleepwalkers" has its own distinct flavor, blending horror with supernatural elements and a touch of dark humor. If you enjoy horror films with unique premises and a mix of fantasy elements, "Sleepwalkers" might be of interest.