The Brothers Grimsby (2016) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Brothers Grimsby" is a 2016 action-comedy film directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong. The film is known for its comedic and over-the-top style, combining elements of spy parody and absurd humor.

The story follows Nobby Butcher (played by Sacha Baron Cohen), a working-class Englishman and football hooligan, who is reunited with his long-lost brother Sebastian Graves (played by Mark Strong), a highly skilled and sophisticated MI6 agent. As the two brothers team up, they become entangled in a global conspiracy and must work together to save the world.

"The Brothers Grimsby" features Sacha Baron Cohen's trademark style of humor, including satirical commentary and outrageous, often crude, comedic scenarios. While the film received mixed reviews, opinions on its humor can vary due to its irreverent and sometimes controversial content.

If you enjoy Sacha Baron Cohen's comedic style and are in the mood for an action-comedy with a satirical edge, "The Brothers Grimsby" might provide some laughs. However, keep in mind that the film's humor is not for everyone, and viewer discretion is advised.