Who Killed Sara? (2021) Season 1, 2, 3 is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Who Killed Sara?" ("¿Quién mató a Sara?" in Spanish) is a Mexican television series that premiered on Netflix in 2021. Created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, the series falls within the genres of crime, drama, and mystery.

The story revolves around Álex Guzmán, played by Manolo Cardona, who is wrongly accused of the murder of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid). After spending 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Álex is released and sets out to uncover the truth about Sara's death. As he investigates, he discovers dark secrets about his family, leading to a complex web of intrigue, betrayal, and mystery.

"Who Killed Sara?" gained popularity for its suspenseful plot, intricate characters, and the constant twists and turns that keep viewers engaged. The series is known for blending elements of crime, thriller, and drama, creating a compelling narrative that unfolds across multiple episodes. It received positive reviews for its storytelling and was well-received by audiences, leading to the anticipation of subsequent seasons.