A View to a Kill (1985) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "A View to a Kill" is the fourteenth spy film in the James Bond series, produced by Eon Productions, and the seventh to star Roger Moore as James Bond. It was released in 1985 and directed by John Glen.

In "A View to a Kill," James Bond investigates a plot by the industrialist and microchip manufacturer Max Zorin, who plans to destroy Silicon Valley in California to monopolize the microchip market. Bond's investigation leads him to Zorin's estate in France, where he encounters the beautiful geologist Stacey Sutton, who is also targeted by Zorin due to her knowledge of his nefarious plans.

As Bond delves deeper into the conspiracy, he discovers that Zorin was originally a product of a Nazi experiment to create superhumans. Now, Zorin plans to use his genetically enhanced racehorses to trigger a massive earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, flooding Silicon Valley and eliminating his competitors.

"A View to a Kill" is known for its action-packed sequences, including a thrilling chase scene atop the Golden Gate Bridge and a climactic showdown in an abandoned mine. The film also features memorable characters such as Zorin's henchwoman May Day, played by Grace Jones.

Upon its release, "A View to a Kill" received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its action and Moore's performance as Bond but criticism for its plot and pacing. Nevertheless, it was a commercial success, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 1985. It marks Roger Moore's final appearance as James Bond in the official Eon Productions series.