Billy Madison (1995) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Billy Madison" is a 1995 American comedy film directed by Tamra Davis and starring Adam Sandler in the title role. The movie follows the story of Billy Madison, the immature and irresponsible heir to a hotel empire, who must repeat grades 1-12 in order to inherit his father's company.

Billy is a slacker who has coasted through life relying on his family's wealth and never completing his education. However, when his father threatens to turn over the company to a conniving executive, Billy decides to prove himself by going back to school. With the help of his devoted elementary school teacher, Miss Vaughn (played by Bridgette Wilson), Billy embarks on a hilarious and often absurd journey to pass each grade.

Along the way, Billy faces various challenges and encounters eccentric classmates and teachers, including a particularly antagonistic academic rival named Eric (played by Bradley Whitford). As he progresses through the grades, Billy learns valuable lessons about responsibility, friendship, and the importance of education.

"Billy Madison" was a commercial success, grossing over $26 million domestically. While it received mixed reviews from critics upon its release, the film has since become a cult classic and is beloved by fans of Adam Sandler's comedy. Its quotable lines and memorable moments have cemented its status as a staple of 1990s comedy cinema.