Chocolate (2008) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Chocolate" is a 2008 Thai martial arts film directed by Prachya Pinkaew. The film is notable for its action sequences and stars Yanin "Jeeja" Vismitananda in her debut role. Yanin gained attention for her impressive martial arts skills, which she showcased in the film.

The story revolves around an autistic girl named Zen, played by Yanin, who possesses extraordinary fighting abilities due to her exposure to martial arts films and her keen ability to mimic the movements she sees. When her mother falls ill and requires expensive medical treatment, Zen sets out to collect debts owed to her mother by various criminals. Along the way, she encounters numerous adversaries and engages in intense martial arts battles.

"Chocolate" received positive reviews for its action choreography and Yanin's performance. The film's fight scenes were choreographed by Panna Rittikrai, who also worked on other Thai martial arts films such as "Ong-Bak" and "The Protector." "Chocolate" gained a cult following among fans of martial arts cinema and solidified Yanin's reputation as a skilled martial artist and action star.