Licence to Kill (1989) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Licence to Kill" is the sixteenth spy film in the James Bond series, produced by Eon Productions, and the second to star Timothy Dalton as James Bond. It was released in 1989 and directed by John Glen.

In "Licence to Kill," James Bond resigns from MI6 to pursue a personal vendetta against Franz Sanchez, a ruthless drug lord who maims Bond's close friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter and murders Leiter's wife. Bond sets out on a rogue mission to seek revenge and bring Sanchez to justice.

As Bond infiltrates Sanchez's drug operation, he forms an alliance with Pam Bouvier, a former CIA informant. Together, they disrupt Sanchez's operations and seek to dismantle his criminal empire. Along the way, Bond faces danger and betrayal, navigating a web of deceit and corruption.

"Licence to Kill" is notable for its darker and more violent tone compared to previous Bond films, reflecting Timothy Dalton's portrayal of a more serious and morally conflicted Bond. The film features intense action sequences, including a climactic showdown aboard a tanker truck set aflame during a fiery chase.

Upon its release, "Licence to Kill" received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for Dalton's performance and the film's gritty realism, but criticism for its departure from traditional Bond tropes. It was also a commercial disappointment, leading to a six-year hiatus for the James Bond series until it was revived with Pierce Brosnan taking on the role in "GoldenEye" (1995). Despite its initial reception, "Licence to Kill" has gained a cult following over the years for its bold approach to the Bond formula.