Naughty (2023) / Disobedient (2023) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 “Naughty” (also known as “Neposlushnaya” in Russian) is a Russian erotic drama film that was released on February 14, 2023. The film was directed by Dmitry Suvorov and stars Alexander Petrov and Anastasiya Reznik1.

The plot revolves around a twenty-year-old student and future ecologist named Elya. Twenty-year-old Elya Tsvetaeva is a student and a future ecologist. One day, Matvey Rysak, the head of a construction company, comes to her university to talk about a development plan on the site of an old forest park. Elya does not hesitate to smash his project to smithereens. Matvey is intrigued by the girl's self-confidence and uses his usual methods of influence - he simply tries to "buy" her.

 But Elya doesn't need a sponsor. Then Matvey, surprised by her impregnability, offers Elya a bet: seven romantic days according to his rules. If after that the girl still decides to leave, he will refuse to build a skyscraper in the forest park. She agrees when Matvey really suspends the design work. Elya sees herself as something like the heroine of the film Pretty Woman, but Matvey turns out to be not at all the person she imagined.