The Furies (2019) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Furies" is a 2019 Australian horror thriller film written and directed by Tony D'Aquino. The film follows the story of a young woman named Kayla (played by Airlie Dodds) who wakes up in a coffin-like box in the middle of a forest. She soon discovers that she is part of a deadly game orchestrated by masked assailants known as "The Furies."

As Kayla navigates the treacherous landscape, she encounters other women who are also being hunted by The Furies. Together, they must fight for survival against the brutal and relentless attackers while unraveling the mystery behind their captivity and the sinister forces controlling the game.

"The Furies" received generally positive reviews from critics for its intense action sequences, creative premise, and strong performances, particularly from lead actress Airlie Dodds. The film is praised for its effective use of tension and suspense, as well as its subversion of traditional horror tropes. However, some critics noted that the film's pacing could be uneven at times.

Overall, "The Furies" is celebrated as a refreshing addition to the horror genre, offering audiences a thrilling and visceral experience with its blend of survival horror and slasher elements.