The Man Standing Next (2020) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Man Standing Next" is a 2020 South Korean political thriller film directed by Woo Min-ho. The movie is based on the novel "KCIA Chiefs" by Kim Choong-sik and depicts the events leading up to the assassination of Park Chung-hee, the President of South Korea, in 1979.

The film focuses on the power struggles and political intrigue within the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) during the 1970s. It follows the story of Kim Gyu-pyeong, the director of the KCIA, and his complicated relationship with President Park Chung-hee. As tensions rise and political unrest grows, Kim Gyu-pyeong becomes entangled in a dangerous game of betrayal and deception.

"The Man Standing Next" received critical acclaim for its gripping storytelling, compelling performances, and historical accuracy. It won several awards, including Best Actor for Lee Byung-hun at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. The film was also a commercial success, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 2020 in South Korea.