A Taxi Driver (2017) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "A Taxi Driver" is a South Korean historical drama film released in 2017, directed by Jang Hoon. 

Set in the backdrop of the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980, the film follows the story of a taxi driver named Kim Man-seob, played by Song Kang-ho, who inadvertently becomes involved in the events unfolding in the city. When a foreign journalist, portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann, hires him to drive to Gwangju, Kim Man-seob finds himself thrust into a dangerous and chaotic situation.

As Kim Man-seob and the journalist navigate through the increasingly tense and violent streets of Gwangju, they witness the brutal crackdown by the military regime on pro-democracy protesters. Despite the risks, Kim Man-seob is compelled to stay and help the journalist report the truth about the atrocities being committed. Through their journey, the film explores themes of courage, sacrifice, and the power of ordinary individuals to make a difference in times of crisis.

"A Taxi Driver" received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling, strong performances, and poignant depiction of a pivotal moment in South Korean history. It sheds light on a dark chapter of the country's past while honoring the bravery of those who fought for democracy and justice. The film serves as both a tribute to the victims of the Gwangju Uprising and a reminder of the importance of standing up against oppression and tyranny.