Dark Figure of Crime (2018) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Dark Figure of Crime" (2018) is a South Korean crime drama directed by Kim Tae-kyun, inspired by a true story. 

The film follows Detective Kim Hyung-min, played by Kim Yoon-seok, who investigates claims made by prisoner Kang Tae-oh, portrayed by Ju Ji-hoon. Kang claims to have committed multiple undiscovered murders, prompting Kim to delve into a web of lies and half-truths to uncover the truth.

The movie features Kim Yoon-seok as the determined Detective Kim, whose relentless pursuit of justice drives the narrative. Ju Ji-hoon captivates as the manipulative Kang Tae-oh, whose cunning and deceit challenge the detective at every turn. Their interactions form a tense psychological battle, with each trying to outsmart the other.

Themes of justice and morality are explored, highlighting the moral dilemmas faced by law enforcement. The film also delves into truth and deception, focusing on the detective's struggle to uncover facts amidst a tangle of lies. The psychological warfare between the detective and the killer is a central aspect, showcasing their intense mental duel.

"Dark Figure of Crime" received positive reviews for its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and psychological depth. The film's intense atmosphere and the complex moral questions it raises were particularly praised, making it a thought-provoking thriller.