Geek Girl (2024) Season 1 is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"Geek Girl" is a TV series that premiered on May 30, 2024. It's based on the best-selling book franchise "Geek Girl" by British writer Holly Smale. The series is a collaboration between Netflix and Corus Entertainment.

The story revolves around an awkward, neurodivergent teenager named Harriet Manners, played by Emily Carey. Harriet's life takes a dramatic turn when she is spotted by a top London model agent. This leads her on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to balance high school and high fashion.

The series also stars Jemima Rooper, Sarah Parish, Tim Downie, and others. It's a comedy-drama that explores themes of young adulthood, high school, fashion, and self-discovery.

The first season was released on Netflix, with each episode running for approximately 30 minutes. It's a one-off limited series, meaning it's planned to have only one season. However, in Canada, the distribution is handled by Corus Entertainment.

The book series "Geek Girl" has six entries published between 2013 and 2017. It has been translated into over 30 languages and is published by HarperCollins.