Hot Fuzz (2007) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Hot Fuzz" is a 2007 action comedy film directed by Edgar Wright and written by Wright and Simon Pegg. 

The film stars Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel, a top London police officer who is transferred to the seemingly quiet and crime-free village of Sandford. Nick Frost co-stars as Danny Butterman, Angel's well-meaning but inept partner.

Nicholas Angel is an exceptionally skilled and dedicated police officer whose outstanding performance embarrasses his colleagues, leading to his reassignment to Sandford, a small rural village. Upon his arrival, Angel finds the town eerily perfect, with a low crime rate and friendly residents. However, a series of gruesome "accidents" lead him to suspect that there is more to Sandford than meets the eye. 

With the help of Danny Butterman, Angel uncovers a dark conspiracy orchestrated by the village's Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, which is determined to maintain Sandford's reputation as the "Village of the Year" at any cost, including murder.

"Hot Fuzz" is celebrated for its sharp satire, witty dialogue, and inventive action sequences. The film pays homage to and parodies various action and buddy cop movies, blending humor with thrilling set pieces. Pegg and Frost's chemistry, along with a strong supporting cast including Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, and Olivia Colman, contributes to the film's charm and appeal.

Upon its release, "Hot Fuzz" received widespread critical acclaim and was a commercial success. It has since gained a cult following and is considered one of the standout films in the comedic genre, as well as part of Wright's and Pegg's "Three Flavours Cornetto" trilogy, which also includes "Shaun of the Dead" and "The World's End."