The Change-Up (2011) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "The Change-Up" is a 2011 comedy film directed by David Dobkin. The movie follows the story of two friends, Dave Lockwood and Mitch Planko, portrayed by Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, respectively, who envy each other's lives and wish they could switch places.

Dave is a successful lawyer and family man, while Mitch is a carefree and irresponsible bachelor. After a night of heavy drinking, they wake up to find that they have swapped bodies. As they struggle to adjust to their new lives, hilarity ensues as they navigate the challenges of each other's personal and professional responsibilities.

As Dave tries to maintain Mitch's bachelor lifestyle and Mitch attempts to navigate Dave's high-pressure career and family commitments, they both learn valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the importance of appreciating what they have.

"The Change-Up" is praised for its comedic performances, witty dialogue, and entertaining premise. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds showcase their comedic talents as they play against type, embodying each other's personalities with humor and charm. The film also features supporting performances from Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, and Alan Arkin.

While "The Change-Up" received mixed reviews from critics, it found success with audiences, particularly fans of raunchy and irreverent comedies. Its blend of slapstick humor, heartfelt moments, and themes of self-discovery and personal growth make it an enjoyable and entertaining watch for fans of the genre.