Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987) / The Carnal Sutra Mat (1987) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Yu Pui Tsuen II," also known as "The Erotic Dreams of the Red Chamber," is a 1987 Hong Kong erotic film directed by  Ho Fan. The movie is a sequel to the 1986 film "Yu Pui Tsuen" and continues to explore themes of eroticism and fantasy, inspired by traditional Chinese literature.

Set in the Qing dynasty, the plot follows the sexual escapades and romantic entanglements of its characters within a historical context. The narrative often intertwines with elements of fantasy and supernatural occurrences, reflecting the stylistic tendencies of Hong Kong's Category III cinema during that era.

The film is known for its explicit content and elaborate costume design, aiming to recreate the opulent and decadent atmosphere of the period. It features a blend of erotic scenes and romantic storytelling, catering to an adult audience. The depiction of sexuality in "Yu Pui Tsuen II" is both explicit and artistic, aiming to balance titillation with aesthetic presentation.

Like its predecessor, "Yu Pui Tsuen II" received mixed reactions. It was praised for its production quality and boldness in tackling erotic themes but also faced criticism for its graphic content and narrative coherence. Despite this, the film has garnered a following and remains a notable entry in the genre of erotic Hong Kong cinema.

"Yu Pui Tsuen II" exemplifies the trend of the late 1980s in Hong Kong filmmaking, where directors pushed the boundaries of conventional storytelling and censorship to explore more adult themes and content.