Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Police Academy 3: Back in Training" (1986) is the third installment in the popular comedy film series.

 Directed by Jerry Paris, the film sees the return of many original cast members, including Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Marion Ramsey, and George Gaynes.

The plot revolves around the financial troubles faced by the police academy. Due to budget cuts, the state decides to close one of its two police academies, leading to a competition between Commandant Lassard's (George Gaynes) academy and the rival academy led by Commandant Mauser (Art Metrano). To save their alma mater, Lassard calls upon his former star graduates, including Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) and his friends, to return as trainers for a new batch of cadets.

Key characters include Carey Mahoney, who takes on a leadership role, helping to train the new recruits while using his wit and charm to outmaneuver Commandant Mauser. Moses Hightower (Bubba Smith) provides guidance and support, showcasing his strength and gentle nature. Larvell Jones (Michael Winslow) continues to entertain with his unique sound effects, which prove useful in various situations. Eugene Tackleberry (David Graf) brings his enthusiasm for firearms and combat training. Laverne Hooks (Marion Ramsey) helps instill confidence in the new cadets with her quiet determination.

Themes in "Police Academy 3" include teamwork, perseverance, and the value of unconventional approaches. The film emphasizes the importance of unity and creative problem-solving as the recruits and their mentors work together to save their academy. The story also touches on the underdog narrative, with Lassard's academy fighting against the odds to prove their worth.

The film is known for its comedic elements, which stem from the interactions between the veteran officers and the new cadets, as well as the ongoing rivalry with Commandant Mauser. Physical comedy, slapstick humor, and the quirky personalities of the characters contribute to the film's lighthearted and entertaining atmosphere.

"Police Academy 3: Back in Training" received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its humor and the return of beloved characters, while others felt it was formulaic and relied too heavily on established gags. Despite the mixed critical reception, the film was a commercial success, continuing the franchise's popularity and leading to further sequels. The movie's blend of humor, nostalgia, and endearing characters has helped it maintain a place in the hearts of fans of the series.