Secret in Their Eyes (2015) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Secret in Their Eyes," released in 2015, is a crime thriller directed by Billy Ray. 

The film is an American adaptation of the 2009 Argentine film "El Secreto de Sus Ojos," which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. This version stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts, and blends intense drama with a gripping mystery.

The plot revolves around a tight-knit team of FBI investigators and a district attorney who are torn apart when they discover that the teenage daughter of one of their own has been brutally murdered. Thirteen years later, Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a former FBI counterterrorism investigator, returns with new evidence that he believes can finally solve the case and bring the killer to justice. He convinces his former colleague, Claire (Nicole Kidman), now a district attorney, to reopen the investigation. Meanwhile, Jess (Julia Roberts), the bereaved mother and another former FBI agent, struggles with her grief and obsession over the unresolved case.

Chiwetel Ejiofor delivers a powerful performance as Ray, portraying a man haunted by the past and driven by an unwavering commitment to seek justice. Nicole Kidman shines as Claire, balancing her professional duties with the emotional weight of reopening a painful chapter. Julia Roberts stands out with a raw and emotional portrayal of Jess, depicting a mother's relentless quest for closure and justice for her daughter.

The film navigates complex themes such as justice, obsession, and the impact of unresolved trauma. It delves into the moral ambiguities faced by those in the pursuit of justice and the personal toll it takes on them. The narrative structure, which shifts between the present and the past, gradually reveals the intricate details of the investigation and the characters' relationships, adding depth and suspense to the story.

"Secret in Their Eyes" received mixed reviews from critics. While the performances of the lead actors were widely praised, some critics felt the film did not capture the same emotional intensity and nuanced storytelling of the original Argentine version. However, it was noted for its compelling plot and strong character development, which kept audiences engaged.

Overall, "Secret in Their Eyes" is a gripping thriller that explores the devastating effects of a brutal crime on those seeking justice. The strong performances by Ejiofor, Kidman, and Roberts, combined with a suspenseful and emotionally charged narrative, make it a noteworthy film in the crime thriller genre.