Under Paris (2024) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"Under Paris" is a 2024 French horror thriller film directed by Xavier Gens. The film stars Bérénice Bejo as Sophia, a marine researcher hunting a mako shark named Lilith. 

Three years after her husband is killed by Lilith, Sophia discovers the shark is now in the Seine river running through Paris. With an upcoming triathlon bringing attention to the city, Sophia tries to convince the mayor and a police officer named Adil to take precautions against the deadly shark.

The film was released on Netflix on June 5, 2024. It received mixed reviews, with praise for the insane final act featuring impressive shark attack scenes, but criticism for the pacing and CGI effects. The ending sets up an inevitable sequel that will likely be even more preposterous.

Despite its flaws, "Under Paris" delivers on its simple premise of "Jaws in the Seine" with brutal simplicity, making it a reasonable summer diversion for genre fans. The movie is a no-nonsense creature feature that recalls both Steven Spielberg and Roland Emmerich.