Best Time Loop Featuring Films

Best known time loop films featuring time loops where characters experience the same period of time repeatedly.
The list provides the names and year of films with poster and brief synopses of films in which time loops are a prominent plot device.
#Palm Springs (2020)

#Doctor Strange (2016)

Stephen Strange captures himself in a time loop to prevent Dormammu from winning and save the world from becoming another one of his dark dimensions.

#Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Maj. William "Bill" Cage and Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski team up to fight a hostile alien race known as Mimics, with Cage continually returning to a repeating battle through a time loop.

#Looper (2012)

Criminal organizations send victims back in time to be killed by assassins called "loopers". Joe is a looper who learns that his next target will be a future version of himself.

#Source Code (2011)

U.S. Army Aviation pilot Captain Colter Stevens repeatedly experiences the last eight minutes of another person's life to identify the bomber in a terrorist attack in order to prevent a second, nuclear attack on Chicago.

#mother! (2017)

A "Mother" finds herself experiencing a series of surreal and violent events surrounding the fracture of reality until the cycle is redone by "Him".

#Groundhog Day (1993)

Self-centered television weatherman Phil Connors is forced to relive the same day over and over again.

#Run Lola Run (1998)

A woman needs to obtain 100,000 Deutsche Mark in twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life—and she gets more than one try.

#Mine Games (2012)

A group of friends vacationing in the woods discover their own corpses and realize they are trapped in a time loop which they attempt to break.

#Haunter (2013)

The ghost of a teenager, Lisa Johnson who, along with her family, keeps reliving the same day (although she is the only one aware of it) tries to protect a young girl, Olivia (Eleanor Zichy) and her family from a dead serial killer, the Pale Man who can possess the living.

#ARQ (2016)

An engineer, whose invention causes time to loop during a home invasion, attempts to save his former lover, while learning who has targeted him and why.

#Naked (2017) 

This is a remake of the 2000 Swedish film, Naken.
Rob is caught in a time loop as he keeps waking up naked in a hotel elevator on the day of his wedding.

#Before I Fall (2017)

A popular high school senior finds herself reliving the same day over and over.