Breeders (1986) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"Breeders" is a science fiction horror film released in 1986. It was directed by Tim Kincaid. The film falls within the exploitation and horror genres and is known for its mix of science fiction elements and gratuitous horror.

The story revolves around an otherworldly being that comes to Earth with the intent of mating with human women to ensure the survival of its species. As the creature goes on a reproductive rampage, a detective and a biologist team up to stop the threat.

"Breeders" is recognized for its low-budget and B-movie status. It contains elements typical of exploitation films, including gratuitous nudity and graphic violence. While it may not be widely acclaimed for its quality, it has gained a certain cult status among fans of cult and horror cinema for its over-the-top and campy nature.

As with many films of this nature, "Breeders" is more likely to appeal to those who enjoy the aesthetics and conventions of exploitation and B-horror movies.