I Carry You with Me (2021) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

"I Carry You with Me" is a 2021 romantic drama film directed by Heidi Ewing. The film is a combination of documentary and narrative storytelling, telling the true story of a gay couple from Mexico who face challenges and make sacrifices to be together.

The movie follows the lives of Iván (played by Armando Espitia) and Gerardo (played by Christian Vázquez), two men from Mexico whose relationship becomes strained due to societal and family pressures. The film explores their struggles, dreams, and the difficult decisions they make to pursue a better life.

"I Carry You with Me" received positive reviews for its emotional depth, the authenticity of its storytelling, and the powerful performances of the cast. The film is known for its unique approach, blending documentary footage with dramatized scenes to create a compelling and heartfelt narrative.

If you appreciate films that explore personal relationships and the challenges faced by individuals seeking a better life, "I Carry You with Me" might be a poignant and thought-provoking choice.